Preventing A Range Of Serious Plumbing Issues

22 October 2019
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While plumbing maintenance may not be an enjoyable part of homeownership, it is one of the most important aspects for making sure that the house remains a comfortable place to live while also being free of damage.

Clog Prevention

Preventing clogs is a responsibility that every homeowner will have to meet. Failing to stop clogs from forming can be highly disruptive, and it can even lead to damage from water backing up and overflowing drains. Avoiding letting large items enter the drains is a part of the process of protecting the plumbing from this problem, but it is not the only one. In fact, there are some materials that are likely to accumulate in the piping over the course of time regardless of the presence of strainers or other filtration systems. Grease and hair can be examples of this. Hot salt water can be an effective way of preventing these substances from contributing to problems with your plumbing, but these flushes will have to be done every few weeks if they are to be effective. Otherwise, you may have to resort to harsher chemicals that could damage the plumbing.

Protecting Against Frozen Pipes

Freezing water can cause major damage to any plumbing system due to the pressure that it can put on the pipes, joints, and seals. Minimizing the risk of frozen pipes as much as possible can be challenging, but it may not be impossible. For example, the addition of insulation can reduce the threat of the water in the pipes getting cold enough to freeze. Making it a point to leave faucets dripping when the temperature gets especially cold can be another effective type of preventative care. Some individuals may live in areas where the temperature can get cold enough to overwhelm both of these measures. Installing thermal warming systems around the pipes can be a necessary step for stopping them from freezing.

Leak Inspections

Plumbing leaks can be one of the most common problems that plumbing will experience, and they can cause immediate damage to the home due to rot, mold, and other complications that follow excessive moisture exposure. Due to the placement of pipes and other plumbing components, it can be possible for a homeowner to have to hire a plumber to help them identify the location of any suspected leaks. While having a contractor in your home to perform these repairs can be slightly disruptive, promptly scheduling this work is necessary for limiting the need for additional structural repairs.

For more information on maintaining your plumbing, contact a local plumbing contractor