3 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Home's Water Main Pipe

29 September 2019
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The water main is a large pipe that connects a home to its source of water, whether it is provided by a municipal source or a well. While water main pipes are designed to be very durable, that does not mean that they last forever. The time may come where it is necessary to hire a plumber to replace your home's water main pipe. The key is to recognize problems with your water main so you can have it replaced before major problems occur. Some common signs that you may need to have your water main pipe replaced include:

Discolored Water

When a water main pipe is in good repair, it transports clean, fresh water from your water source into your home. Thus, it can be quite alarming to turn on your water and discover that it is brown or rust colored. If you only see rust colored water when you turn on your hot water, it could be due to an issue with your water heater. But, if you are seeing rust colored water all the time, both with your hot and cold water, it may be because your water main pipe has corroded. When a water main pipe is badly corroded, it usually can't be repaired and replacement is your best option.

Drastic Drop in Water Pressure

All of the pipes in a plumbing system need to be closed and in good condition in order to maintain proper water pressure. Your home's water main is a very large pipe, so any major issues with the pipe can cause a drastic drop in water pressure throughout your home. The drop in water pressure could be due to a very large crack, or it can be caused by the pipe collapsing. Any time you notice a sudden and drastic change in the water pressure in your home, it is in your best interest to contact a plumber.

Using More Water Than Usual

If your water bill is higher than normal and the bill states that your household has used a very large amount of water, your water main could be to blame. Since so much water flows through the water main, a large crack or hole in the pipe can lead to a very large leak that allows many gallons of water to be wasted. A severely damaged water main line typically needs to be replaced, in order to prevent future issues.