Seven Tips To Help Protect Your Drains When You Have Furry Pets

12 November 2018
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Just like human hair, the hair from your pets can often find their way into your drains. Sometimes, that accumulation of fur can cause clogs and other problems. Here are a few tips you can use to protect your drains from your furry pets.

1. Do Cover Your Drains with Strainers

Place a strainer or stopper over every drain in your home. This one tip alone can save your drains from a lot of fur buildup. Strainers can help keep human hair at bay as well, so it's a win-win for your drains.

2. Don't Allow Your Pets to Drink from the Toilet

Many pets go to the toilet for a drink because it's easy to get to. While your pet drinks, it can leave a lot of hair behind in the process. Instead, keep the toilet lid closed and make sure you leave plenty of water out for your pet to drink.

3. Do Wash Your Pet Outside When Possible

You can completely bypass your drains if you wash your pet outside. This isn't always possible for some people. If you must wash your pet indoors, use the aforementioned strainer solution.

4. Don't Flush or Wash Hair Away

If you do find pet hair in the toilet, sink, or tub, don't just flush it or wash it down the drain. Get into the habit of scooping the hair out and disposing of it. You may find yourself tempted to just flush when you see a hair or two. But, those hairs add in up in your drains. Resist the urge to take the easy route.

5. Do Learn Your Pet's Shedding Habits

The possibility of fur getting into the drain is always there. When your pet sheds, that possibility becomes more probable. If you have a pet that grows an undercoat, eventually that undercoat will have to fall off. Make sure you and your drains are ready when it happens.

6. Don't Neglect Grooming Your Pet

Grooming your pet removes a lot of excess fur before it falls into your drain during a bath. Also, grooming is good for your pet in general. Just brushing your pet's coat will show just how much hair naturally comes off your pet at any given time.

7. Do Take Care of Your Overall Plumbing

Pets aren't the only danger to your drain. While you're taking steps to keep the fur out of your drains, you should also consider other possible sources of drain clogs. Luckily, the steps you take to keep the fur out will also keep various other things out of your drains.

However, a drain clog can sometimes have nothing to do with you or your pets. If you do end up with a drain issue despite your efforts, speak to a reputable drain service, such as Calhoun Plumbing.