Cost-Effective Plumbing Upgrades To Consider

20 August 2018
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A remodeling project can be an excellent opportunity to make practical plumbing upgrades. Unfortunately, homeowners will often overlook their plumbing during major remodeling projects, but there are a handful of cost-effective upgrades that you may want to consider making.

Increase The Hot Water Supply

Running out of hot water at inopportune times can be a common plumbing nuisance. One of the most effective options for avoiding this situation is to upgrade the water heater. When you upgrade to a larger or tankless water heater, you will greatly increase the amount of available hot water. For those with growing families, this can be an upgrade that may prevent future hot water shortages as children reach their teenage years.

Consider Replacing Pipes

You might think that you only need to replace your pipes if they have suffered serious damage. However, pipes will age and deteriorate over the course of time. This can lead to hidden leaks and noticeable water quality or pressure issues. Luckily, you may not need to replace all of the piping in your home, as you may be able to limit this upgrade to critical piping. This can include the primary intake line along with the lines that directly deliver water to the faucets. By limiting the scope of this upgrade to these areas, you can more effectively control the costs while still enjoying the benefits this upgrade can provide.

Replace Seals On Plumbing Fixtures

To prevent water from seeping out of joints and other connections in your plumbing fixtures, there will be a series of seals installed at strategic locations. These seals can become brittle or damaged over the years. When your fixtures start to suffer this damage, they may develop leaks or become difficult to turn. You might assume that you will need to replace these fixtures to correct the problem, but simply replacing the seals will often be sufficient for correcting many of these minor nuisances.

Have The Water Quality Tested

When you have lived in a home for many years, it can be difficult for you to recognize decreases in the water quality. However, this can have major impacts on your health. When you are having major remodeling work done, testing the water quality can provide you with useful information about whether you should invest in a purification or softening system. The costs of these systems are fairly low, but you may still want to factor this possible upgrade into your budget so that you can avoid cost overruns. You can contact a plumbing service company in your area for more information.