Insight To Help You Keep Your Home's Plumbing Clean And Free Of Clogs

31 July 2018
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Your home's interior plumbing can become clogged by hair, grease, food particles, and other debris. On top of that if you have a tree growing in your yard, your home's sewer main can be at risk of becoming clogged. Keeping your plumbing clear while also preventing sewage from entering your home is important, so here are some methods you can implement to help keep your home's plumbing system clean and working as it should.

Use a Drain Collector Trap

An easy way you can keep your drains free of debris is by preventing the debris from flowing into them with the use of a drain trap. You can buy and use a simple plastic or metal drain filter that sits over your kitchen drain to collect any debris as you wash dishes and prepare food. Then, when you are finished, dump the trap's contents into the trash.

You can also use a similar trap in your bathroom drains to keep hair from entering the pipes, which causes clogs. When hairs flow into the drain they can catch on the drain interior, building up and collecting soap residue, which forms a clog. A hair trap placed over the drain collects and prevents it from entering your drain. Be sure you periodically rinse and wipe clean your trap to keep the build-up from preventing water from flowing through it.

Hire a Professional Cleaning

As your drains and pipes get used, they can become dirty with soap residue build-up and grease and cause other particles to clog down through their interiors. When you have an interior clog, one of the best ways to remove it and to clean your pipes out at the same time is with a professional sewer jetting service.

You can hire a plumbing professional to use a sewer jetting service to restore your pipe's flow. The process sprays pressurized water through your pipes, cleaning their interiors and removing build-up on the walls of your pipes and dislodging particles. You can even use a sewer jetting service to remove tree root growth in your sewer pipes. Be sure you follow up treating the tree root removal with a sodium chloride treatment to the interior of the sewer line to prevent further root growth or remove the tree from the yard.

Use At-Home Treatments

Using a safe drain and pipe cleaning method on a regular basis can keep your pipes flowing freely between cleanings. Pour a half to one cup of baking soda into your drain, followed by approximately one-half cup of vinegar, then cover your drain and let the contents bubble up to clean out the pipe. After the mixture has stopped bubbling, pour a pot of boiling water into the drain to rinse it clean.