Mold Around Your Furnace? What You Need To Do

11 July 2018
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Mold is dangerous to the structure of your home, as well as your family. So, the discovery of mold inside, or around, your furnace is alarming. If you have recently made this discovery around your house, it's essential you know what to do. 

Contact a Service Professional

Mold is a dangerous growth that can damage wood and cause serious health concerns in pets and people, especially young children. Immediately after you spot the mold, you need to contact a service professional for assistance. 

A technician can look over the unit to determine if the excess moisture that is causing the mold to grow is the result of an internal issue, such as a ventilation problem with the furnace. At the same time, if a furnace-related problem is causing the issue, you can have the problem repaired. Should you ignore the mold, it could spread and create even greater concerns. 

Reduce Humidity Levels

Mold growth is often the result of poor moisture control. If there is an excess level of moisture in an area, and the space is poorly ventilated, mold will typically form eventually. The reason for the mold around your furnace may not be the unit itself, but instead it may be a problem with increased humidity levels inside your house. 

A lack of exhaust fans, clogged HVAC drip pans, and loose seals around a furnace are just some of the scenarios in which a homeowner might experience higher humidity levels. If you don't correct the problem, the mold will quickly travel to other areas besides the furnace. 

Have the Ducts Inspected

The discovery of mold around your furnace should also prompt you to have your ducts inspected. In some instances, the mold you see around the furnace could be the result of a severe mold problem in your ducts. Poorly sealed ducts and ducts that have not been cleaned in some time are both at risk for mold growth. 

Mold in your ducts gets dispersed through your home, which could mean that you and your family have been inhaling mold spores for quite some time. If the ducts have mold in them, you need to have them cleaned. You also need to commit to future cleanings as necessary.

Whatever you do, make sure you aren't ignoring the mold. Mold around your furnace is an indication of a problem that must be addressed to protect you and your families health. Contact a heating contractor as soon as possible.

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