Toilet Running? Then You Better Catch One Of These 3 Problems

5 May 2018
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Have a toilet in your home that is constantly running? Not only is this a huge annoyance, but it wastes water that is going right down the drain. Here are some common reasons that your toilet could be running and causing your home's water bill to increase as a result.

1. Chain Problems

Inside the tank of the toilet, you'll find a chain that connects the flushing handle to a flapper. The flapper covers the tank's drain, and the handle lifts the chain and allows the water to empty from the tank. It is possible that the chain is giving you problems to cause a running toilet.

Start by flushing your toilet with the lid removes from the tank. This allows you to see what is happening in the tank and diagnose the problem. If the chain is the issue, try straightening the chain to see if that does the trick, since there may be a snag that is causing the flapper to remain in the up position. Try repositioning the chain so that it has the slack it needs to operate the flapper.

2. Flapper Problems

If the chain looks like it is working correctly, take a closer look at the flapper itself. The flapper could have problems forming a solid seal with the tank's drain, allowing water to continuously flow out. It could simply be a worn-out flapper that is not sealing right, or a crack has developed to allow water out even though the flapper is in position.

Thankfully, a flapper is a pretty inexpensive part that you can try swapping out with a new one. When in doubt, try purchasing a new one to swap in and see if that does the trick. If not, you'll need to look at other parts that help the flapper function.

3. Float Problems

The float is a part that connects to the flapper, and when the water level drops down in the tank, it allows the flapper to fall down and seal with the drain. If the float is having issues, it will cause the flapper to stay upright and continue to let the toilet run.

One problem is a float that is not falling with the water levels in the tank. It may take some extra jiggles of the handle to let the float fall and close the flapper. You may also have a float that is filled with water and not moving up and down properly with the water. Try replacing the float with a new one if you notice these problems.

If you can't get to the bottom of the running toilet mystery, have a company like Drainman The come and fix the problem for you.