Preventing Pranksters From Blowing Up Your Toilets: Plumbing Tips That Work

27 February 2017
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When you have a series of toilets, such as those that exist within a public restroom, they are prone to pranksters who want to see if explosives will create messy catastrophe. The old "cherry-bomb-in-the-toilet" gag is one that is very popular. However, it only works on public toilets that are several decades old, have not been updated and are all connected to the same plumbing. As proven, or rather debunked, in an episode of Mythbusters, these are the only public toilets where any sort of explosive could work. To stop pranksters from targeting your toilets in your public restroom, follow these plumbing tips.

Update All of the Plumbing

Yes, updating all of the toilets' plumbing is expensive and time-consuming, but the fact is, you would probably have to do it eventually anyway. By updating the plumbing, you can remove the pipes that connect all of the toilets in a series formation, and then construct toilet stacks for each of these toilets to operate as single units. Any attempts to explode a toilet are now left to just one toilet alone and should not affect the rest.

Install and Use Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets often have little water in them and use high pressure to quickly flush waste. As such, any item of an explosive nature that requires lighting and backing away would be extinguished when it hits the water at the bottom of the toilet, extinguished with the rush of pressurized air, and/or extinguished when the pressurized air sends the lit explosive into the very watery toilet stack. Sewer gases would also not be a problem for lit devices as the sewer gases are trapped in the trap and are flushed down ahead of the device, clearing the way for whatever is flushed and removing any gases that could potentially explode otherwise (e.g., sulphur, methane, etc.).

If Your Toilets Are Still Targets after Plumbing Updates

Pranksters who succeed in their endeavors will always return to see if they can repeat their results or make a bigger "mark" on their past targets. That said, if you still have pranksters targeting your toilets after you make the above plumbing updates, find out which days, times and stalls are being targeted. Install a security camera in the bathroom that only views the doors and not the stalls so you can see who is coming and going and who might be responsible. While the updates will prevent the pranksters from further "successes," it does not mean they will not up the ante with some other explosive. Then you can catch them in the act. Click here for more info on professional plumbing.