3 Signs You May Need Emergency Plumbing Service

18 January 2017
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Most homeowners will call a plumber for problems such as leaky pipes or an especially stubborn drain clog . However, it can be difficult to detect whether certain problems are plumbing emergencies if you are unfamiliar with the possible causes behind them. Here are three cases where you may need emergency plumbing services.

Multiple Clogged Drains

When a single drain in your home is clogged, the most common cause is dirt, hair, and other debris that has built up inside the drain. It is unlikely for this type of clog to develop in several of your home's drains at the same time. If many of the drains in your home are clogged, it could be an indicator of a serious problem that requires emergency service.

A septic backup is one of the most frequent culprits behind multiple drain clogs. When your septic tank is full or there is a clog deep in your plumbing that is preventing waste from reaching the tank, several of your home's drains can become clogged at the same time. You may even see sewage backing up through your drains. You will notice this problem first in the lowest fixtures in your home because they are closer to the septic tank.

Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure from a single fixture could indicate a minor leak in the plumbing that leads to that fixture. However, you should consider reduced pressure from every fixture to be a plumbing emergency. This can indicate a major leak somewhere in your home's plumbing system, possibly even your home's water main. Hire a plumber as soon as possible to locate the leak and help you avoid costly water damage repairs.

Wet Spots in the Yard

Standing water in your yard on a dry day is never a good sign for your plumbing. These pools of water will usually be located directly above your septic system's leach field. If there is a leak in the plumbing that leads to your septic tank, water will flow directly into the leach field instead of into the tank. If the standing water smells like sewage, this is almost certainly the problem.

You should avoid any standing water in your yard until you have identified the cause of the problem. If this water contains sewage, it also contains hazardous bacteria. Hiring an emergency plumber is the best way to resolve this problem before you, your family, or your pets become ill, and before there is permanent damage to your yard.

Keep these tips in mind so that you can identify plumbing emergencies and have your home's plumbing repaired before a more serious problem develops.