Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Leaking

13 January 2017
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While it is good to know the basics, such as when to have the tank pumped, you will also need to be well aware of the signs that indicate that your septic tank is leaking. This way, you will know when it is time to take action, before the problem gets too far out of hand.

Your Yard Is Becoming A Soggy Mess

If you have just recently discovered that a portion of your yard is becoming soggy and that area is right above or near the underground septic tank, there is most likely a leak. This is especially the case if there has not been any rain in the past few days. Make sure that you are keeping your children and pets out of that section of the yard. If it is soaked with septic waste, it is toxic and it is harmful to both humans and animals. Once the leak is resolved, the soil has absorbed the septic waste, and you get a good solid rain, you can let the kids and animals run back through that area of the yard.

The Grass Above The Septic Tank Is Extra Vibrant In Color

Septic tanks contains human waste material, which would act as a fertilizer for your grass. Therefore, when a septic tank begins to leak, a lot of that waste material will seep into the soil. All of the surrounding grass, bushes, trees, and flowers will grow faster and they may be more vibrant in color. Therefore, if you notice that a section of your yard seems to be flourishing much better than the rest of your yard, then you might want to call in a septic tank specialist who will be able to examine the condition of your tank. He or she will be able to determine if there is an issue that can repaired or if the entire tank happens to be in need of a replacement.

You Smell Sewage

Even if you are not noticing extra green grass or a soggy yard just yet, there could still be a leak in your septic tank if you get the overwhelming smell of sewage any time you walk outside. If this smell seems to be coming from the area where the septic tank was placed underground, then it is most likely a crack has formed somewhere along the wall of the tank or in one of the drain lines.

It is imperative to make sure that you are doing all you can to call a septic repair professional the moment you realize that you may have a septic leak. The quicker you react, the easier it will be to have the problem solved.