Three Ways Professional Plumbing Maintenance Saves You Money

12 January 2017
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Although some leaks are easily detectable by the average homeowner, many other potential issues in your plumbing system can only be assessed and repaired by a professional. Professional plumbing maintenance should be scheduled each year for best results, allowing your licensed plumber to check your pipes, drains, water heater, garbage disposal, sump pump, and other plumbing assets for correct functioning and replace any parts that are becoming worn. It's not as simple as checking for leaks; this process can also prevent damage and save you money in several other ways. Here are three ways that you can save money by scheduling this professional maintenance regularly.

1. Preventing problems with drain clogs

Your plumbing maintenance check includes a general inspection of plumbing systems, so not just your pipes will be inspected; your drains will get be cleared as well. If there are any problems with slow drains or any incipient clogs, they can be taken care of right away before they develop into problems that will damage the plumbing system. You can get tips about how to keep your drains in good shape as well.  

2. Preventing water damage

Damage to your plumbing system can be expensive, but just imagine all the damage to the rest of your house that could ensue if leaks or backed-up drains or sewers cause water damage that develops into a mold problem. In addition to growing mold and mildew, water damage can destroy books and papers, leave watermarks on fabrics and upholstery, cause wallpaper to come unglued, warp wood walls and floors and furniture, and saturate drywall until it falls apart. And if dirty water is involved, you may have little choice but to discard practically everything that the water touches. A preventive inspection of the plumbing system that manages your water can save you from thousands of dollars' worth of water damage.  

3. Keeping water heaters efficient

Your water heater is part of the checkup as well. It gets a tuneup at this annual maintenance, which means that not only will the plumber check for any leaks or necessary repairs, but he or she will also perform maintenance (such as flushing out sediment from the tank) that will help the heater work more efficiently and save you money on water heating throughout the year.  

These three items show that the value of annual plumbing maintenance goes beyond the convenience of having clean drains and healthy pipes. If you're wondering whether it's worth the money and hassle to have this service performed each year, this demonstration of its value will help you make up your mind.