3 Major Reasons to Have a Home Checked Out By a Plumber Before You Buy

9 January 2017
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You have sifted through a whole list of properties and narrowed down the most likely and desirable prospects of homes you can actually see yourself living in. While you will probably be doing a lot of investigating on your own when you get the choices down to only a few as a homebuyer, this is also a good time to reach out to a plumbing company for advice. A professional plumber can give you great insight into problems you may not be aware of as a homebuyer, and some plumbing problems can definitely be considered deal breakers. Check out this list of things a plumber can check out for you in a potential home you think you may buy. 

A plumber can give you a detailed evaluation of the home's septic system. 

Buried deep in the guts of the house and partially underground, the septic system of a home for sale is one thing you really can't get a good look at if you don't know what you are doing. A professional plumber who is skilled and experienced in major septic issues can use their knowledge and available tools to assess this component of the home on your behalf. From tracking down problems with a leaking septic tank to letting you know the sewer pump is going to have to be replaced, these are things you are going to want to know before buying a home. 

A plumber can give you a general idea of the age of the plumbing lines. 

The plumbing lines may not be a big concern if you are buying a modern home, but if the house you are considering buying is older than most, there is a good chance the lines inside have either already reached the end of their life expectancy or they are getting pretty close. Old plumbing lines can cause a whole host of issues inside a home, from water damage to drainage problems. Therefore, you will definitely want to know their condition and how old the lines probably are. 

A plumber can point out signs of previous water damage. 

In most cases, homes that have some form of water damage will be rightly repaired before being listed for sale. However, some homeowners will simply cover up water-damage issues in hopes that buyers never notice. A good plumber can tell you a lot about water damage because they see it in their profession on a regular basis, but they can also usually point out areas that seem fine but where water damage has occurred in the past.