4 Tips to Keep Your Portabel Toilet Warm

5 January 2017
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Keeping a portable toilet warm in the winter is more about comfort than function. The rental or maintenance company will place a winterization fluid in the collection tank that will prevent it from freezing, so warmth is not necessary on this account. Instead, you need to keep the portable toilet warm so that those using it can do so comfortably and without any ill effects. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Determine the best location

It makes sense to place a portable toilet in the shade for summer, but in winter sun is king. Choose an area with full sun exposure but that is also sheltered from cold winter winds. A south facing wall or fence works well, especially since the wall will both block wind and reflect heat onto the portable toilet. Placement also matters. The portable toilet will have vents in the wall, which need to be placed so they are on the most sheltered side of the unit.

Tip #2: Keep drifts away

Snow can drift up against the side of the unit, which can make it feel colder inside. Shovel the snow away from the portable toilet so it's cleared around the edges. You should also install a rug or boot brush so that snow and moisture can be removed from shoes before entering the unit. Not only are wet floors slippery, frozen ice inside the portable toilet can make it feel much colder. It is also important to clear any snow off the roof that happens to collect.

Tip #3: Consider an indoor installation

Although not always possible, in some cases you may be able to place the unit indoors. The most common place would be inside a workshop or garage. Even placed underneath a carport can help trap heat. The location must provide plenty of clearance around the unit, as well as being easily accessible for servicing and emptying of the tank.

Tip #4: Splurge on a heated unit

In extremely cold weather, it is well worth it to get a heated unit. These have special wall-mounted heaters that keep the portable toilet sufficiently warm. You can plug them into any approved electrical source, including generators. Don't use a regular space heater, though, as these could be a fire hazard in a small unit. Only use heaters approved for use in a portable toilet.

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