Cat Owners, Take These Steps To Prevent Drain Clogs

29 December 2016
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Your cat is like a member of the family, but along with providing you with cuddles and purrs, they also put your plumbing at risk. From hair to cat toys, feline companions increase your chances of a clogged drain. Here are some useful ways to make sure pet ownership doesn't lead to an emergency plumbing call.

Don't put your wash water down the drain.

If you use a pail of water to wash your floors or other surfaces, do not just pour it down the drain or flush it down the toilet when you're done. It probably contains some cat hair, which could lead to a clog -- if not now, then down the road after the hair accumulates. Dump the water outside in the yard or driveway instead. (Make sure you're using mild cleaners, like vinegar, that won't harm the plant life of where you deposit the used water.)

Keep baskets in your drains.

You probably end up with more cat hair on your hands and body than you realize. Keeping metal mesh baskets in your sink and shower drains will ensure that these hairs are caught instead of sent down the drain. You can often find sink baskets for a dollar or two at dollar stores and discount shops.

Put mesh over the end of your washer drain.

If your washing machine drains into a sink or laundry tub, make sure you put a piece of mesh over the end of the drain tube (the pipe that empties the water into the sink). You can even use an old pair of pantyhose, securing it around the drain pipe with a rubber band. Every few weeks, remove the mesh and shake out any cat hair that has become caught in it. You'll be amazed how much hair you've kept from going down the drain.

Stick to larger cat toys.

It's amazing where you'll find cat toys -- under the fridge, on top of a shelf, and maybe even in a sink. To ensure one does not end up clogging your sink drain after kitty bats it too high in the air, stick to cat toys that are a bit larger in size. Don't give your cat anything to play with that's small enough to fit down the drain.

With the tips above, your can minimize your risk of a clogged drain and keep up on drain cleaning due to your cat. For more tips and advice, reach out to a plumber in your area.