What Is The Responsibility Of Your Landlord When It Comes To Services And Repairs?

23 December 2016
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Renting a home is one of the first steps of becoming independent. You are going to have problems with appliances breaking or maybe even some plumbing issues. It is common to have questions about how to maintain your new home.

There are some repairs and services that your landlord must provide. On the other hand, you are responsible for any repairs that your landlord does not cover. Read on to find out the responsibility of your landlord when it comes to services and repairs.  

Air Conditioning Services and Repairs

Landlords are required to provide heating, but not air conditioning or to pay for AC services. However, it is always a good idea to research local rental laws to find a loophole.

If the rental comes with a working air conditioning that is now not working correctly, then this changes things. A landlord has the responsibility to maintain an air conditioner that was provided. The contract signed at the beginning of the rental agreement makes your landlord responsible. If a landlord provides you with an appliance, then he is contractually responsible for providing this service for the remainder of your rental agreement.

Pest Control

There are no state laws that address landlords and pest control. On the other hand, your landlord should address pest control in your lease agreement. He or she must provide you with a pest-free home upon moving into the space. Your landlord is also responsible for doing seasonal maintenance. If the apartment becomes infested, then the tenant is responsible for any pest infestations.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Landlords are responsible for providing incoming tenants with a working carbon monoxide and smoke detector. They should test the units and make sure the smoke detectors work by looking at them visually and checking the sound. Landlords must also make sure the batteries are good and working.

Location is another concern. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be properly located throughout the home per the manufacturer's instructions.

It is also important for landlords to communicate their policy about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The point of these devices is to save lives. When a tenant takes the possession of the rental, it is the tenant's responsibility to replace the batteries.

It is important to read your lease agreement before signing it and continue to read it after moving into your rental. This agreement explains what services and repairs your landlord must provide and explains what you may have to pay out of pocket. Contact a company like Abbey Plumbing & HVAC, LLC to learn more.