3 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant's Plumbing Working Well

21 November 2016
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If you own a restaurant, having an effective plumbing system is essential to your business. Here are a few maintenance tips and advice that will help ensure that your plumbing system always works effectively.

#1: Have a Place for Grease

In a restaurant, one of the biggest hazards to your plumbing system is all the grease that you create in your kitchen. Grease, when poured down a drain, can easily harden and build up throughout your drainage system. Eventually, all that grease is going to clog up your system and cause your drains to get backed up.

The best way to prevent this is to have a place and a system for dealing with grease. You should have a grease trap or container where all the grease in your kitchen goes. Whenever a pan is done being used for cooking purposes contains grease, a spatula should be used to remove the grease from the pan and put the grease into your grease container. Any cooking item that creates large quantities of grease should be directly emptied into your grease trap.

There are lots of different places that recycle and use restaurant grease, so you may even be able to arrange to have the grease picked up from your restaurant.

#2: Don't Put Food Scraps Down the Sink

The second-biggest hazard to the plumbing system in your restaurant is all the food that you make. 

You should train your dishwashers to scrape off all food that is left on plates into a trash can. You should have a trash can set up next to the dish-cleaning area specifically for this purpose.

You should also train all of your chefs to clean out their bowls and cookware and put the scraps into the trash before setting them at the dishwashing station. These two steps will greatly help reduce the amount of food scraps that go down your drain.

Next, you should also have a cover on your drains so that all food scraps are caught before they go down the drain. This cover should be emptied as soon as it gets full.

#3: Clean Your Drains

Finally, to keep your drains flowing, you should train specific members of your staff to clean all of your drains once a week. You don't need to use harsh drain cleaners every week. You can have your employees pour baking soda and boiling water down your sinks to clean the drainage pipes, or you can have employees pour baking soda and white vinegar down the drains. Every few months, you should use commercial-grade drain cleaner on your sinks or have a professional come out and make sure that your drain lines are clean.

Involve your staff in keeping your plumbing lines flowing. A backed-up sink is not only a hassle when you own a restaurant; it can cause you to close down if you can't keep your dishes clean. That is why you need to get your employers on board to keep your pipes running smoothly. 

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