Clean Water Is Important To A Healthy Home And Body

17 November 2016
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Whether your home's water is supplied by a well or you get it from the municipal water supply, you may notice that it still needs to be cleaned. Too many minerals and contaminants may cause health issues or damage to the pipes and hot water heater. However, the process of having pure, clean water depends on what is in the water. The first step is to take some water to be analyzed and find out exactly what you are dealing with. Once you know, you can choose which water treatment system will be needed.

Water Softeners

Your water is hard when it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The minerals leach out of the water and adhere to your pipes, causing them to rust and decay. They will also cause damage to your dishwasher, washing machine, and cooking utensils such as tea and coffee pots. It is also possible that the buildup of the minerals in the pipes can clog them creating the need for a plumber to come and clean everything out. A water softener uses salt to neutralize the minerals so they do not cause damage.

Filtration Systems

If you have other contaminants in the water, having a reverse osmosis system is your best solution to clean water. These contaminants include things like chlorine, pesticides, lead, and even many parasites. This will reduce the risk of lung problems from chlorine, disease from bacteria, and nervous system disorders from lead. In addition, a reverse osmosis filter will remove the minerals a water softener will neutralize. However, the minerals can cause damage to the RO system, and you will need to replace the filters more often. Some people like to have a small water softener installed in the plumbing before the RO system. This will save the filter system and the filter system will remove any salt added to the water for the softening process.

Even if your water tastes fine, it is a good idea to have it analyzed periodically. If you find there are contaminants that may be harmful t your home or your family, talk with a water expert about the best way to make your water "clean." While you can buy bottled water for drinking and cooking, you can still be "poisoned" when you shower or bathe. The hot water you clean in opens your pores, allowing the materials in the water to get into our body. The human body is roughly 60 percent water. Make sure it is as clean as possible to maintain your health.

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